Our experts are skilled in all things information technology. What can we do to help your home or business operate at it's maximum potential?

We create solutions to common home internet, telephone, security camera and wireless issues. We LOVE our customers, and it shows in every single project we complete. We will always go above and beyond.

What do we do?

Here's just a glimpse of some of the quality services we offer.

Wireless Networks

Poor connection? Bad Reception? No problem! Our technicans know Wireless! We can optimze your existing setup or set up a system that will provide you with exceptional coverage.

Structured Wiring

Need an ethernet or coaxial cable line run? We got you. Our experts can run new lines or repair old ones. Our experts know cable! We can do in wall fishing and antenna installations too!


Need a new network? Need to repair your aging infrastructure? We've got you there as well. BeyondNerd's Certified Administrators can get you back up and running in no time with ease.

IP Telephony

Have an old analog phone system for your business? It's time to upgrade! IP Telephony is cheaper than ever! We can get you setup with a brand new digital phone system in a matter of hours!

Analog Telephony

Not ready to upgrade to digital yet? No problem we can manage and repair analog telephony systems as well! These can either be grandfathered or converted to work with any digital system!

Home Automation

Looking for a smart home? BeyondNerd can install and configure all your smart devices to work with your existing, or with a new Home Automation System!

Point to Point

Need to share an internet or network connection with another building? We can setup wireless links for your connection ranging from a couple hundred feet to up to 50 miles!

Point to Multi-Point

Need multiple wireless connections? We do that too! We can get you setup with a shared network for yourself, your business, or your friends. Make communication easier with a wireless network!

So Much More!

Just because it's not listed, does not mean we can not help you. Call us about your project to get the most accurate information on if we can assist you. We've worked with all types of industries.

How We Do It

See how our process works